The Fantasy Football Scoutcast
More than a decade ago Fantasy Football Scout launched its first first podcast – the legendary ScoutCast. Since then it has expanded to include an even wider range of expert opinion, stats and laughs to help you sniff out the likeliest clean sheets and best buys. Fantasy Football Scout’s podcast family has grown further in recent years to include captaincy and team news editions each Gameweek. Meanwhile, our regular Breakfast Club episodes add further analysis ahead of each deadline. There’s also our Meet the Manager series to check out – which sees us chat to Fantasy managers with a stellar track record of success.

Joe and David are joined by Karam to discuss their GWK 3 FPL decisions and look ahead to GWK 4 and beyond.

When to wildcard is a key topic under discussion. With Gameweek 5 and 8 among times favoured by our trio.

There is also live reaction to the Saturday lunch time team sheets, with Pukki and Cantwell among players being backed.


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Joe and Neale plan ahead for Gameweek 3 with a look at the latest line up and injury news from the Premier League press conferences.

This is the second episode of a two-part look at the latest press conference news and takes in Friday's developments.

Part 1 can be found here


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Joe and Neale look ahead to Gameweek 3 with a look at the latest line up and injury news from the Premier League press conferences.

This is the first episode of a two-part look at the latest press conference news.

Look out for part two tomorrow (Friday).


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In last week’s relatively tranquil episode patience was being preached. This time around it’s a different story as bandwagons pick up pace, early transfers are made and tempers become frayed.

Joe, Az and David consider the merits of Norwich’s four-goal hero Teemu Pukki and other bandwagons ahead of Gameweek 3.

The dos and don’ts of addressing the heightened transfer market activity this week is a key discussion in this latest episode, as our podcast trio give their tips on knowing when to jump aboard a bandwagon and when to wave a player away.

Along the way Az and Joe round on David’s differential nominee and whether this bargain priced midfielder can be a regular member of Fantasy managers’ line ups.

Meanwhile, Az is forced onto the backfoot when it comes to justifying a double Liverpool defence strategy early on in the campaign.

The Fantasy Premier League community’s love-affair with Liverpool assets across the park is also considered, with differing opinions continuing when it comes to the merits of Reds frontman Roberto Firmino.

The Scoutcast crew do sing from the same hymn sheet eventually, when it comes to their opinion on Sheffield United fans’ dubious team sheet predictions.

Elsewhere, the best bets for clean sheets over the next four weeks are examined and the crew reveal their transfer plans and the players they have already brought in.


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Joe and David discuss the best captaincy candidates for Gameweek 3.

With Sterling, Salah and Kane among the leading options there is plenty of choice this week.


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Joe and Neale discuss the latest line up and injury news from this week's Premier League press conferences ahead of Gameweek 2.


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Former Fantasy Premier League (FPL) champion Simon March joins me to discuss the impact of his 2014/15 winning season, what it takes to conquer the game and how he dealt with pressure at the top. 

He also reveals how his victory has unlocked work opportunities and why avoiding watching matches proved a blessing in disguise in his title winning campaign.

With two top 10,000 finishes prior to his momentous victory and top 50,000 overall ranks in his subsequent three seasons he remains as committed to FPL as ever, with his masters degree in behavioural science at the London School of Economics now giving him extra motivation. 

His chat about how his academic work links up with Fantasy management proves revelatory, in particular how Swansea’s former striker Michu is still impacting on many managers transfer plans despite last kicking a ball in the English top flight six years ago. 

Joe’s chat with Simon was recorded earlier this year.

The Meet the Manager series involves Joe interviewing a manager with a stellar track record in Fantasy Football.

Over the summer each episode from the video archive is being converted to audio only and released as a podcast.



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Forging close friendships with other Fantasy managers has been instrumental in Sean Tobin’s success and enjoyment of both Fantasy Premier League and Sky Fantasy Football over the years. 

Here we look back on our Meet the Manager interview with Sean, who is top of Fantasy Football Scout’s Career Hall of Fame and reached 16th spot last season.

With six top 5,000 finishes in FPL and reaching the top 50 in Sky in 2017/18, he excels across a number of formats.

However, modest Sean is still convinced he’s simply got lucky over the years.

During our 30-minute chat, Sean reveals how the counsel of fellow Fantasy managers that he has known for years has been pivotal to his strong finishes each year.

He also explains how his faith in a 3-4-3 formation and reticence to back a five-man midfield has helped drive this success.

Joe’s chat with Sean was recorded earlier this year and originally shown on Youtube.

The Meet the Manager series involves Joe interviewing a manager with a stellar track record in Fantasy Football.

Over the summer each episode from the video archive is being converted to audio only and released as a podcast.


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The Scoutcast crew are reluctant to make drastic changes for Gameweek 2 after spending most of the summer carefully constructing their Fantasy Premier League squad for the start of the 2019/20 campaign.

This week’s crew of Joe, Az, Luke and guest Holly (@FFCommunity_) are hoping that patience proves a virtue as they attempt to stick by their chosen players.

But with all three promoted sides impressing in Gameweek 1, including Norwich’s talismanic striker Teemu Pukki, they are already hatching plans for change in the weeks ahead.

What to do with Tottenham’s Harry Kane, Manchester United’s Anthony Martial and the Premier League’s newest faces are among the issues covered.

Our podcast quartet also find time to ponder when may be the best time to wave goodbye to a player.

The next month’s best differential and clean sheet prospects are also considered as they take in the key events from the first Gameweek of the season and look ahead to what may be a difficult second round of top flight action.


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Joe and David’s Gameweek 1 Fantasy Premier League captain  Mohamed Salah delivered last time out. But can the winger do the same in Gameweek 2?

The podcast pair discuss the Liverpool star’s chances of success and also look at the other key captaincy candidates ahead of the second Gameweek of the 2019/20 season.




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David and Joe are joined by Holly Shand, aka Fantasy Football Community, for Gameweek 1’s Breakfast Club.

The trio discuss each other’s teams, in particular their different formations.

Liverpool’s 4-1 rout of Norwich is also looked at as well as the key issues they hope to glean from Gameweek 1 and beyond.


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Joe chats to Neale about the latest team news developments from Friday's press conferences ahead of Gameweek 1.

Part 1, detailing Thursday's conferences, can be found here -


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Being able to visualise future moves has been key to Aleksander Våge Nilsen’s successful Fantasy Premier League career.

Each season he creates a spreadsheet that allows him to see his best line-up in any given Gameweek.

Based around fixtures this bespoke Rate My Team tool has helped Aleksander pinpoint the optimal times to ditch players and the best replacements.

It’s clearly been a great asset in his Fantasy management armoury, with two top 500 finishes, another two in the top 2,000 and two overall ranks just outside the top 10,000, to put him eighth in our Career Hall of Fame.

During our chat, he also reveals how following top Premier League players on Instagram gives him vital knowledge before deadlines and why having a full squad of players helps him avoid unnecessary hits.

Joe’s chat with Aleksander was recorded earlier this year and originally shown on Youtube.

The Meet the Manager series involves Joe interviewing a manager with a stellar track record in Fantasy Football.

Over the summer each episode from the video archive is being converted to audio only and released as a podcast.


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As the creator of Fantasy Football Scout, Mark Sutherns is one of Fantasy Premier League’s most well-known managers.

Recorded at the end of last year, Mark gives an insight into his strategies for success over an impressive FPL career that started in 2006/07.

Since then he has achieved nine top 5,000 finishes, including four in the top 500 and one in the top 50.

The search for value has been key to his success over the years, as he hunts out players that he believes will rocket in price in the future and also deliver strong points returns.

He also discusses how the fear of missing out on a player because he is £0.1m short drives this bargain-hunting ethos as well as the occasional early transfer.

As the man that brought Opta data to Fantasy Football Scout, his admission of being ‘a stats man’ is something of an understatement.

Here he offers advice on the best statistics to keep an eye on and why such in-depth analysis can be a vital weapon in Fantasy managers’ armoury.

In our 50-minute chat, he also explains why ‘the eye-test’ should be treated with caution and also how he has learned from his mistakes over the years. This was particularly the case between 2013/14 and 2014/15 when he followed up his worst ever finish with his best, when he reached 42nd in the world.

Dealing with the pressure of making transfers in the public gaze is another issue covered. He also discusses how stepping back from the limelight has given him a new lease of life as a Fantasy manager.

The Meet the Manager series involves Joe interviewing a manager with a stellar track record in Fantasy Football.

Over the summer each episode from the video archive is being converted to audio only and released as a podcast.


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Joe chats to Neale about the latest developments from Thursday's press conferences ahead of Gameweek 1 of the 2019/20 season.

Liverpool, West Ham and Burnley are among the team sheets discussed.

Look out for Part 2 on Friday, covering that day's team news.


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Fantasy Football Scout’s conversion of our Meet the Manager video series to podcast continues with our ninth interview, featuring the FPL General.

With top 500 finishes in three of his last five seasons Mark McGettigan, aka FPL General, is a more than worthy interviewee for our Meet the Manager series.

Joe caught up with him in December last year.

Mark explains what it takes to make the leap from being a good Fantasy Premier League manager to one who is challenging for the top places in the competition.

As well as patience and an aversion to hits, he believes that bravery in the transfer market and avoiding the crowd are important lessons to a successful ascent up the rankings.

He also reveals why underlying statistics are only one part of his Fantasy management jigsaw, which is dominated by the good old-fashioned eye-test.

The FPL website’s own Watchlist tool is another vital weapon in Mark’s Fantasy management armoury. He discusses why this often overlooked function has been so important to helping him better organise his thoughts regarding transfers.

However, 2018/19 proved a tough campaign. Here he explains what went wrong and his attempts to jump up the rankings.

The Meet the Manager series involves Joe interviewing a manager with a stellar track record in Fantasy Football.

Over the summer each episode from the video archive is being converted to audio only and released as a podcast.


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The Scoutcast is back with Joe, Az and Luke joined by original host Granville to mark a landmark moment in the show’s history.

At the 296 episode mark the Scoutcast has finally delivered more shows than long running British TV sitcom Last of the Summer Wine.

This achievement had long been a goal of Granville and fellow original host and Fantasy Football Scout creator Mark Sutherns over the years.

Here Granville looks back at the show’s history, including its memorable early hat-tricks and features.

He also finds time to chat about the forthcoming campaign by revealing his ‘old school’ team. Meanwhile, Az is daring to be different once again with his ‘poetic’ ode to Sheffield United’s players. Luke is looking to be more ‘dullard’ this season by shackling his daredevil instincts. As for Joe, he thinks he’s created his usual boring and safe collection of players, only to be told by his co-hosts that he’s actually turned maverick.

Goalkeeper tactics also get an airing as does the huge array of mid priced stars in midfield and attack, who could be a goldmine of points this season. Well, in theory anyway.

Elsewhere, Luke looks at the best mid-term differential by joining Az in his love affair with promoted sides and Joe takes in the best teams in terms of clean sheets over August and early September.

Last of the Summer Wine has now been beaten but will our crew be let down by some late summer whining at the end of Gameweek 1?


The Complete Guide to Pre-Season -

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Fantasy Football Scout’s conversion of our Meet the Manager video series to podcast continues with our ninth interview, featuring Marc Rubinstein.

Marc chats to Joe about how his 20 years of experience in financial services has helped him achieve three top 5K finishes.

He discusses luck v skill, diversifying your FPL portfolio and why Andy Carroll in his Newcastle days may well be the best Fantasy investment of all time.

Marc -

Joe   -

The interview with Marc was recorded in November 2018.

The Meet the Manager series involves Joe interviewing a manager with a stellar track record in Fantasy Football.

Over the summer each episode from the video archive is being converted to audio only and released as a podcast.

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Joe and David consider the best Fantasy Premier League captaincy candidates for Gameweek 1 of the 2019/20 season.

Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah, up against promoted Norwich at home, looks the smart move.

But as our podcast pair discuss, there are still plenty of alternative options, with Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling leading the battle for their attention.


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Joe and David take a look at the latest pre-season friendlies.

They look at the matches that have taken place so far, what key questions have been answered so far and what Fantasy managers still need to look out for.

This continues Fantasy Football Scout's planning for the 2019/20 Fantasy Premier League season.

Chelsea's value options, Bournemouth's attacking intent and Everton's problems at the back are among issues discussed.


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Joe and David use the Fantasy Football Scout Members area statistics to compare some key players ahead of the start of the 2019/20 season.

Lucas Digne versus Seamus Coleman and Harry Kane versus Raheem Sterling are among some of the comparisons they look at.

Read More:

The Complete Guide to FPL Pre-Season

How Scout Membership Can Help Fantasy Managers in 2019/20

Is it worth paying extra to have Digne over Coleman

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Joe and Neale continue answering the burning questions from the community about the start of the 2019/20 Fantasy Premier League season.

In this latest edition our podcast pair consider budget gems, Chelsea’s bargains and offer their key piece of Fantasy Football Advice.

There’s also a swarm of bees!


The complete guide to FPL Pre-season 2019/20

What FPL managers can expect from new Chelsea boss Frank Lampard

Budget FPL defenders hard to find in 2019/20

Members article: Improving Burnley on FPL radar ahead of fixture turn



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Joe and Neale start answering the burning questions from the community about the start of the 2019/20 Fantasy Premier League season.

Is Aubameyang being overlooked? He was joint top scorer last season after all.

Who are the best Leicester and Bournemouth assets?

And how does five at the back stack up?

More questions will be answered in future podcasts.


The complete guide to FPL Pre-season 2019/20


Is it worth paying extra for Wilson over King in FPL?


How Zouma’s future could impact on Everton’s defence

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Joe and David look at the key issues to look out for ahead of the start of the 2019/20 Fantasy Premier League campaign.

This latest episode looks at pre -season friendlies.


The Complete Guide to Pre-Season

Reports on Everton and Palace pre-season matches 

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Joe and David look at the key issues to look out for during pre-season ahead of the start of the 2019/20 Fantasy Premier League campaign.

Today they look at some of the key data relating to the game's premium assets. Everton's kind run is also considered.

Further podcasts will explore a range of issues from budgets gems to pre-season friendlies.

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Fantasy Football Scout’s conversion of our Meet the Manager video series to podcast continues with our eighth interview, featuring Kenneth Tang.

Kenneth’s final finishes in the Fantasy Premier League game are nothing short of breath taking, with seven overall ranks in the top 10,000.

Of these high finishes four have been in the top 1,000.

The interview with Kenneth was recorded in November 2018 and reveals how wildcard timing and close attention to the top six sides have been crucial to his success.

The Meet the Manager series involves Joe interviewing a manager with a stellar track record in Fantasy Football.

Over the summer each episode from the video archive is being converted to audio only and released as a podcast.

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Fantasy Football Scout’s conversion of our Meet the Manager video series to podcast continues with our seventh interview, featuring Jay Egersdorff.

Jay is not afraid to make bold moves, which over his career has seen him finish in the top 1,000 on three occasions. Although 2018/19 proved to be a tricky campaign for Jay his optimism and dedication for Fantasy Premier League remains as strong as ever.

Overall he has ten top 10,000 finishes, which propelled him to the top of the Fantasy Football Scout Hall of Fame during his career.

The interview with Jay was recorded in November 2018.

The Meet the Manager series involves Joe interviewing a manager with a stellar track record in Fantasy Football.

Over the summer each episode from the video archive is being converted to audio only and released as a podcast.

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Joe and David deliver their reaction to the launch of the Fantasy Premier League game for 2019/20.

Among player prices they are particularly interested in is Liverpool’s premium asset Mohammed Salah and the valuation of premier league new recruits such as Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish.

The podcast pair also look to construct their first draft for Gameweek 1 and find that getting a good spread of potential high performers may be tricky this campaign.

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The Fantasy Premier League has revealed the first batch of player prices for 2019/20.

Among those revealed are the valuations of Liverpool defender Andrew Robertson and Bournemouth’s Ryan Fraser.

Joe and David are on hand to give their initial reaction to the new player prices and also reveal some of the valuations they are most eagerly anticipating.

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Fantasy Football Scout’s conversion of our Meet the Manager video series to podcast continues with our sixth interview, featuring Adam Hopcroft.

With six top 10,000 finishes in Fantasy Premier League, including two in the top 1,000, Adam reveals the secrets of his success.

The interview with Adam was recorded in October 2018.

The Meet the Manager series involves Joe interviewing a manager with a stellar track record in Fantasy Football.

Over the summer each episode from the video archive is being converted to audio only and released as a podcast.

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Fantasy Football Scout’s conversion of the Meet the Manager video series to podcast continues with our fifth interview, featuring Matthew Jones.

With eight top 10,000 finishes in Fantasy Premier League, including three in the top 500, Matthew reveals why patience has been key to his success.

He is also among a core of elite managers who have topped Fantasy Football Scout’s Hall of Fame, which is based on the career achievements of those in our Fantasy Premier League mini-leagues.

The interview with Matthew was recorded in October 2018.

The Meet the Manager series involves Fantasy Football Scout's Joe interviewing a manager with a stellar track record in Fantasy Football.

Over the summer each episode from the video archive is being converted to audio only and released as a podcast.

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Fantasy Football Scout’s conversion of our Meet the Manager video series to podcast continues with our fourth interview, featuring Richard Clarke.

With seven top 10,000 finishes in Fantasy Premier League, including two in the top 500, Richard offers a fascinating insight into how to achieve a high rank.

He is also among a core of elite managers who have topped Fantasy Football Scout’s Hall of Fame, which is based on the career achievements of those in our Fantasy Premier League mini-leagues.

The interview with Richard was recorded in October 2018.

The Meet the Manager series involves Joe interviewing a manager with a stellar track record in Fantasy Football.

Over the summer each episode from the video archive is being converted to audio only and released as a podcast.

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For many Fantasy managers, like Joe and David, the release of the fixture schedule is when planning for the next campaign can begin in earnest.

Our podcast pair take a look at the newly released fixtures for the 2019/20 season and the key issues they are facing, most notably which teams have the best favourable early games.

Premium captaincy options from last season’s top sides also come under scrutiny as does the teams with a horrific start to the campaign.

Cheap and premium rotation options also get an airing, with Spurs, Arsenal, Brighton and Bournemouth assets among those to consider.

The long-term schedule is another area that Joe and David take in, such as Liverpool’s involvement in the FIFA World Club Cup in December and February’s winter break. Further breaks for international matches are looked at. This is particularly useful for those looking to deploy their Wildcard early in the campaign.

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Fantasy Football Scout’s conversion of our Meet the Manager video series to podcast continues with our third interview, featuring Will Thomas.

With six top 10,000 finishes in Fantasy Premier League, including 2018/19’s finish of 355th, Will has also excelled frequently in the Sky Fantasy game.

Will’s interview was recorded in October 2018 and reveals the pitfalls and advantages of juggling different Fantasy Football formats.

The Meet the Manager series involves Joe interviewing a manager with a stellar track record in Fantasy Football.

Over the summer each episode from the video archive is being converted to audio only and released as a podcast.

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Fantasy Football Scout’s conversion of our Meet the Manager video series to podcast continues with our second interview, with Phil Ampleford, also known on social media as Philman.

Phil’s interview was recorded in September 2018 and reveals details about the importance of flexibility and why close attention to defenders is needed.

With seven top 10,000 finishes, including 2016/17’s overall rank of 365th, his advice is not to be missed.

The Meet the Manager series involves Joe interviewing a manager with a stellar track record in Fantasy Football.

Over the summer of 2019 each episode from the video archive is being converted to audio only and released as a podcast.

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During the 2018/19 season Fantasy Football Scout started the Meet the Manager video series, where Joe interviews a manager with a stellar track record of success in the Fantasy Premier League game.

Here each interviewee reveals their strategies for success and how they are dealing with the growing popularity of Fantasy Football.

Over the summer each episode is being converted to audio only and released as a podcast.

This week we have started that process with our very first interview, which features Nick, who is better known within the Fantasy Football Scout community and on social media as Triggerlips, and was recorded in September 2018.

Over his 12-year career Nick has finished within the top 1,000 on four occasions, including 2012/13’s finish of 35th. During our interview he discusses the importance of team structure, balancing team funds and coping with the vast array of Fantasy Football advice on social media.

While the bulk of the interview is taken up with non-time sensitive advice, Nick does share his then maverick view of being patient with Arsenal’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who finished 2018/19 as joint top-scorer with 22 goals.

Further videos being converted into podcasts this summer feature among others 2014/15 winner Simon March, 2018/19 Fantasy Football Scout Hall of Fame number one Sean Tobin and Fantasy Football Scout’s Mark Sutherns.

Each of our Meet the Manager interviewees reveals an array of different strategies for achieving Fantasy Football glory.

As well as creating podcast versions of our Meet the Manager archive, brand new episodes are being planned for the forthcoming campaign.

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Joe and Neale look over the best captaincy options for Gameweek 35.

Double Gameweek players dominate the discussion, especially those from Wolves, Manchester City and Spurs.

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The captain hindsight brigade was out in full force this week to bash the ScoutCasters for recommending Brighton defender Shane Duffy for the Gameweek 34 captaincy.

With goal threat and two home games, against Bournemouth and Cardiff, it seemed a good call. But with seven goals conceded without reply over this pair of games reality had other ideas.

Az, Joe and their guest Adam Hopcroft take stock of a less than inspiring Double Gameweek with no regrets about their armband blunder.

For Az and Adam captaining a player with two fixtures over one had merit, especially in a week with no standout captain elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Joe was looking for another Stéphane Sessègnon moment. This refers to the “VE Day” style celebrations among the Fantasy Football community back in 2012, when the unlikely Double Gameweek armbandee rifled in an injury time goal against Reading for Sunderland in the Black Cats’ second match that week. It was so memorable that Az even remembers who got the assist during that magical moment.

Aside from assessing their newly deployed Wildcards the crew also take stock of the community’s questions. The fall out from Troy Deeney’s red card as well as Mohamed Salah’s return to goal scoring form are among the issues covered.

Coping with rotation, among the ranks of Manchester City and Spurs, also gets an airing.

Elsewhere, the ScoutCast’s latest talking point draws inspiration from the top managers this season to find out what lessons we can learn from them and what it takes to gain an elite-level overall rank.

The community’s roughest and smoothest moves are looked at, including one of the most shambolic Wildcards of all time.

The crew finish off with a detailed look at their Gameweek 35 clean sheet predictions, differential tips, captaincy calls and transfer plans.

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FPL manager Pete Beswick is having a remarkable season, thanks largely to a maverick deployment of his second wildcard in January.

After being in the top 1,000 the previous month he was on the verge of drifting out out of the top 5,000 at the start of the year.

Undaunted by the knowledge that many FPL managers would Wildcard later in the campaign, and driven by an ambition to finish as high as he could, he ploughed on with his alternative chip strategy.

It proved to be an incredible success, taking him to around the top 100 mark by Gameweek 34.

During this latest Meet the Manager episode Pete explains his strategies for success across a FPL career, which features three top 5,000 finishes in his previous four campaigns.

An unwavering loyalty to players, who have handed him prolific points hauls over the years, has been a key factor.

Pete also explains how a move away from his loyal approach cost him dearly in 2016/17 and how that poor campaign has taught him not to panic when a Gameweek goes array.

This is the 15th episode in our Meet the Manager video series and the first released as a podcast. Ahead of the 2019/20 season we plan to release podcast versions of all the previous interviews.

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Joe and Neale discuss the latest line up and injury news ahead of Gameweek 34's deadline.

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Just minutes before the start of the ScoutCast's live stream, on Tuesday evening, the news broke that Harry Kane looks to have sustained a serious leg injury.

The carefully laid wildcard plans of Az, Joe, Andy and David were
swiftly jettisoned as they spend much of this episode hatching new strategies to cope with the season run in without the Spurs man.

Amid the chaos our quartet somehow manage to stick largely to the
script as they answer the key community questions on double Gameweek assets as well as bargain buys and premium options for the rest of the campaign.

Their regular look at the latest whipping boys, who can’t stop
conceding, has a seaside special theme this time around, as the crew also consider those teams who are already packing their bags for summer.

Gameweek 33’s rare strong showing from all four of the crew as well as the community’s smoothest and roughest moves also get the once over.

However, Joe’s attempt to start a Dean Martin style sing-a-long in praise of Watford midfielder Abdoulaye Doucouré falls flat. At least his cat makes a rare appearance to cheer him up.

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Joe and David discuss the best captaincy options for Gameweek 34.

Double fixtures for Brighton and Cardiff have caught the attention of our podcast pair. But will they really hand the armband to Seagulls centre back Shane Duffy?

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Chips are firmly on the menu in our latest Breakfast Club episode as Joe is joined by Neale and FPL 2014/15 champion Simon March to discuss their Wildcard teams.

Our podcast trio look through their selections position by position as they reveal why they are shunning Manchester United assets and instead favouring budget gems from the likes of Southampton and Brighton.

There’s plenty of stats to back up their decisions, but it remains to be seen whether their carefully constructed plans will bring season run in success or disappointment.

For further Gameweek 34 wildcard chat check out our latest Scoutcast episode.


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Joe and Neale discuss the latest injury and line up news ahead of Gameweek 33's deadline.

Chelsea rotation and Liverpool's treatment room top the bill.

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Buoyed by a largely successful Free Hit in Gameweek 32 the Scoutcast crew are eager to squeeze the trigger on another chip.

This week’s edition is dominated by Joe, Az and Andy’s early Wildcard drafts for Gameweek 34 and the players they are backing for success for the season run in.

But before they fully focus on their Wildcard there’s the small matter of Gameweek 33’s reduced fixture list to contend with. The crew take in a raft of community questions about the best assets to bring in, whether as a one week pre-Wildcard punt or for the rest of the campaign.

Elsewhere, they look back on the drama of the biggest Double Gameweek of the season, including the community’s roughest and smoothest moves.

Gameweek 33’s differentials, clean sheet and captaincy tips are also considered.

Although Joe and Andy seem settled on their next armband target, Az dons his Columbo mac for a “just one more thing” moment to make them doubt their decision.

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Joe and David look at the best captaincy options for Gameweek 33’s reduced set of fixtures.

David is impressed with the strong underlying statistics of Mohammed Salah, while Joe is using the 'eye-test' as he looks elsewhere for his top armband picks.

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Who Got the Assist duo Tom and Nick join Joe to discuss Double Gameweek 32 and beyond.

Nick and Joe reveal the thinking behind their Free Hit teams, with Joe keen to point out that he is not stalking a Swedish couple who live in the North West of England.

Tom, meanwhile, explains why he is saving his chips this week and instead looking ahead to a wildcard in Gameweek 33. 

Elsewhere, there’s some heavy sighs of relief when the Manchester City team sheet is announced and our trio also find time to reveal the latest names on the goals imminent table.

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Joe and Neale discuss the latest line up and injury news ahead of Double Gameweek 32.

Note: Shortly after recording Manchester United announced this update on their injury situation.

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All four of our ScoutCast crew are firing up their Free Hit chip ahead of the largest Double Gameweek of the season.

Among issues they discuss is the danger of being caught in a social media ‘bubble’, where Free Hitters are scrambling to find differential alternatives to a perceived template.

Latest figures from the Fantasy Premier League, however, knock this theory out of the water, with just 1.3% of managers actually triggering this chip ahead of Gameweek 32.

Even among Free Hitters the notion of a template appears to be a myth, with the ScoutCast crew, of Joe, Luke, Az and Neale, revealing their markedly different approaches.

In this episode each discusses in detail the formations they favour and answer the community’s questions on the best defence, midfield and attacking assets to accumulate.

The Gameweek 32 captaincy debate is also looked at in detail, with Sergio Aguero, Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane all in the mix.

Those wildcarding or simply not using any chips this time around are not forgotten, with the crew keeping an eye on forthcoming fixtures with some key tips on players to bring in for the long-term.

Over more than 90 minutes of chat the ScoutCasters also ensure there is time to quickly look back on their decidedly average Gameweek 31 and reveal their clean sheet and differential tips.

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David and Joe discuss the best captaincy options for Double Gameweek 32.

Ahead of this bumper set of fixtures, City's key men Raheem Sterling and Sergio Aguero take centre stage. But talismen from Chelsea, Manchester United and Spurs are also grabbing their attention.

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Fantasy Football Scout's coverage of Norway top flight game Eliteserien Fantasy continues with an interview with TV sports reporter Jonas Bergh-Johnsen.

Ahead of the game's launch at the end of March, Jonas chats to Joe about the best players and strategy. He also gives an insight into this season's pricing and new 'rich uncle' chip.

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Lunch Club – Blanks and Benches

David and Joe discuss their Gameweek 31 transfer and captaincy decisions and take in the early team news during this week’s limited set of fixtures.

They also find time to chat about Fantasy Premier League’s naughtiest managers, who like to play bench tricks on their rivals during blank Gameweeks.

In addition, David reveals the latest fixture to bite the dust during the next set of reduced matches, in Gameweek 33.

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Joe and Neale discuss the key press conference news from the ten teams to play during Gameweek 31's reduced fixture list.

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Undaunted by a heavily reduced fixture list the ScoutCast crew deliver one of their longest episodes of the season.

There may be only five matches taking place in Gameweek 31 but Joe, Luke, Az and David discover there is a wealth of different player options and strategies to deploy.

Discarding their usual player, team and talking point format for the community questions section, they instead focus in detail on the best assets to own position by position this weekend. 

While there is a consensus around goalkeepers, our ScoutCast regulars find plenty to disagree on among defenders, midfielders and strikers.

Luke is packing his team with differential ‘swords’ to attack the fixtures, while David is making sure he uses his two free transfers to include some ‘shields’ for protection.

Az is on the search for low-owned assets too and is even considering a notorious ScoutCast 'magic bean'. Unsurprisingly, Joe is not keen.

The issue of the number of hits to take in a blank fixture Gameweek also get an airing, as does advice for those using a Free Hit chip to cope with the reduction in the player pool.

Regular features are also included, with the round up of the previous Gameweek giving Az a rare chance this season to boast about a good Gameweek.

Best differentials, top clean sheet shouts as well as transfer and captaincy plans for the Gameweek ahead are also revealed.

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Gameweek 31's limited fixture list sees just five matches take place.

But as Joe and David discover there are still plenty of strong Fantasy Premier League captaincy candidates to consider.


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Always Cheating podcast pair Josh and Brandon visit Breakfast Club for the second time this season.

This time around they join Joe to discuss their Gameweek 30 moves and look ahead to the impending blank fixtures.

Josh makes history with the Breakfast Club’s first live trans-Atlantic transfer, while Brandon reveals why he is backing Salah and Hazard over the short-term fixture schedule.

Amid the discussion the Crystal Palace and Brighton team sheets are revealed and Joe pays tribute to Burnley’s Austrian party-pooper, Ashley Barnes.

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Joe and Neale look at the latest Fantasy Premier League line up and injury news ahead of Gameweek 30.

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After a bruising Gameweek 29 the ScoutCast soldiers are ready to wage war on the remaining fixtures of 2018/19.

Helping them out is regular listener FPL Reuser who has come up with a cunning plan for Fantasy Premier League success that involves collecting a strong arsenal of sturdy shields and razor sharp swords. 

Joe, David, Luke and Andy discuss the best shields, which are high owned players needed for protection against red arrows. Also covered are the finest swords, which refers to low owned players with the perfect combination of points potential and solid fixtures.

Getting the right combination in place may well be the Holy Grail of Fantasy management the ScoutCast has been searching for over the last decade. 

Our merry band of podcast pugilists also find time to look ahead to the upcoming blank fixtures, in Gameweeks 31 and 33, with a particular focus on the best Liverpool and Bournemouth assets to own.

While Az couldn’t attend due to other commitments he did find time to drop by, in the Youtube chat during this episode’s live streaming, to set the ScoutCasters straight about the Everton defence.

Elsewhere, David lays into Wolves boss Nuno Espirito Santo and reveals how a discarded plastic bag is now dictating his transfer decisions. 

The ScoutCast troops also mull over the key decisions facing them in Gameweek 30, including the best differential ‘swords’ to acquire, the likeliest clean sheets and their transfer and captaincy plans.

Finally, this episode ends by flagging up the work of the charity Anthony Nolan, which carries out fantastic work saving the lives of people with blood cancer.

This follows the news from community member FPL Poker Player that his daughter was diagnosed with leukaemia last year. While in remission she still needs a bone marrow transplant. People can help support the work of Anthony Nolan by making a donation or signing up to be a bone marrow donor.

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Joe and David look at the best Fantasy Premier League armband options for Gameweek 30.

Liverpool and Manchester City assets dominate their thinking, ahead of favourable home ties.

Our podcast pair also make sure there's a strong cast of intriguing differentials to consider.

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Joe and David are joined by FPL General to discuss their Gameweek 29 transfers and look ahead to the upcoming blanks and doubles.

Attacking defenders and the best Liverpool trio are among topics covered.

The legendary goals imminent table also makes an appearance to reveal the players who are due a goal.


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Joe and Neale look at the latest line up and injury news ahead of Gameweek 29.

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Joe and David look at the best Fantasy Premier League armband options for Gameweek 29.

Raheem Sterling's eye-catching track record against Manchester City's opponents Bournemouth tops the bill.

But there are also a number of intriguing differentials vying for attention.

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Recorded during the last few minutes of Gameweek 28’s fixtures the ScoutCast crew cling to the hope of huge points hauls right to the final whistle.

However, for Az and Joe the evening proved particularly frustrating as they are left to settle for a mere dribble of eleventh hour returns from the likes of Paul Pogba.

At least one of the crew saw their hope rewarded. Special guest Adam Hopcroft, who was filling in for the red flagged podcast pair of David and Luke, ended the night on 62 points to set him on course for his sixth top 10,000 overall finish.

Amid the excitement of a Gameweek finale, the crew also find time to mull over Fantasy Football’s latest key players, teams and talking points.

Chelsea’s strong fixture run comes under scrutiny as does the potential of a Leicester side under new management, following the appointment of former Celtic and Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers.

Chip strategy is also revisited, with recent injuries to key players and the strong form of Newcastle presenting further challenges and opportunities as Fantasy mangers navigate the upcoming blank and double Gameweeks.

Gameweek 29 is then looked at in detail, with clean sheet and differential prospects put under the microscope.

Proceedings take an unusual turn when Monty Python’s Life of Brian and He-man earn mentions.

The crew finish the show by revealing their transfer and captaincy plans. As the old football cliché goes “they can take the despair, it’s the hope that kills them”.

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Joe and David discuss the latest line up news ahead of Gameweek 28.



Direct download: Gameweek_28_Press_Conference_Round_Up.mp3
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David and Joe take a look at the key Fantasy Premier League captaincy candidates ahead of Gameweek 28.

Arsenal's Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang certainly has the fixture to do well when his Arsenal side host Bournemouth.

But he faces stiff competition from Liverpool's Mohamed Salah, who takes on one of his favourite teams to score against, Watford.

Meanwhile, rotation worries are putting Joe and David off Manchester City's assets for West Ham's visit.

Differentials our podcast pair are considering include Wolverhampton's Raul Jiminez. Leicester assets also get a mention in the aftermath of Claude Puel's departure.

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Chip strategy has been all the talk of the Fantasy community over the last week.

The results of the FA Cup fifth-round ties would have firmed up the approaches of some Fantasy managers towards the Free Hit, Bench Boost, Triple Captain and Wildcard chips - though caused uncertainty among others.

With Joe away on a mid-season break, David, Az and Luke share their thoughts on how to navigate Blank Gameweeks 31 and 33 and how they plan to capitalise on the likely Double Gameweeks of 32 and 35.

Our trio of Scoutcasters also examine the options available to Fantasy managers who have used one or more of their chips already.

One player who will be particularly affected by the Blanks and Doubles is Sergio Aguero, so Luke, Az and David discuss whether ditching the Argentinean striker - or performing the "hokey cokey" with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang - remains a viable option given how in form the premium Manchester City forward is.

Continuing their discussion on the Blank Gameweeks, our panel muse on whether any out-of-sorts Chelsea assets are worthy of consideration given that the Blues are now guaranteed a fixture in Gameweeks 31 and 33.

The crew then finish off with a detailed look at their Gameweek 27 transfer moves, captaincy decisions, differential picks and clean sheet prospects.

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The emotional side of Fantasy Football management cannot be underestimated. 

As the ScoutCast’s discussion on mental health shows, many managers can struggle in their everyday life when a bad Gameweek strikes.

This episode features some powerful accounts of the impact being a Fantasy manager can have on the community’s lives, from sleepless nights to depression.

Az, Joe and David also reveal how Fantasy Football has affected their emotional well-being over the years.

Recorded midway through a season-defining, first Double Gameweek of the season, the crew also look back on their decision to shun Manchester City’s hattrick hero Sergio Aguero.

City assets feature again in our community questions section, as the crew assess likely rotation, especially around future Double Gameweeks.

Elsewhere, Chelsea’s new look attack is also weighed up.

The crew finish off with a detailed look at their Gameweek 26 transfer moves, captaincy decisions, differential picks and clean sheet prospects.

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A double Gameweek should be a time of excitement, as Fantasy managers look forward to loading up on players with multiple games.

But the ScoutCast crew are far from enthusiastic, with Manchester City and Everton the key teams involved in the first such set of fixtures of 2018/19.

In tackling the community questions on the Sky Blues' pair of games, Az, Joe, David and Luke are fearful of rotation and questionable form, which saw last season’s champions lose to Newcastle last time out.

Meanwhile, a suspension for Lucas Digne and lack of accuracy for Richarlison have left the crew also unimpressed with Toffees players’ potential.

Also under consideration are the single Gameweek stars who are, arguably, being unfairly ignored and could outshine their double match counterparts. 

The latest on the Premier League’s whipping boys, who are handing opponents a worrying amount of shots and chances, is another issue covered.

With this packed 90 minute show recorded during the end of the January transfer window, David ensures we are kept to date with the latest key moves. 

The crew also find time to look over their and the community’s Gameweek 24 highs and lows, a segment of the show that Az in particular wished had been cut.

This latest ScoutCast finishes off with the crew revealing their Gameweek 25’s plans, clean sheet picks and differentials selections.

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The community reached out to the ScoutCast crew this week for help in battling against an emerging template led by Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah.

The Egyptian's 50% ownership and six double-digit points returns in his last eight starts has left Fantasy Premier League managers struggling to gain a significant rank boost.

Joe, David and Az consider some key strategies to counter the high ownership of players such as Salah, as well as Manchester United’s Paul Pogba.

Doubling up on attacking options is among suggestions made by Joe, especially as this has proved a successful tactic in seasons past.

Az instead has been looking for differential captains, with Raheem Sterling the latest to be handed the armband in an attempt to beat Salah backers.

Meanwhile, David is following the advice of 2014/15 champion Simon March of keeping the game simple. Simon advocates backing obvious selections who are in good form and leaving others to make risky, and perhaps calamitous, moves.

Elsewhere, the crew look back on their Gameweek 23 scores, find out about the community’s roughest and smoothest recent moves and also consider the merits of drafting in last weekend’s hat-trick hero, Wolverhampton’s cut price midfielder Diogo Jota.

Impending blank and double Gameweeks also come under scrutiny, in particular the merits of investing heavily in Manchester City, who are among teams set to see matches postponed due to cup commitments.

The possibility of a double Gameweek 25 makes the outcomes of this week’s League and FA Cup games crucial to David, Joe and Az’s transfer plans as they finish off with a look at Gameweek 24’s likely moves, best differentials and possible clean sheets.

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Harry Kane’s recent ankle injury tops the bill during an action packed show that bizarrely also takes in James Bond and Toy Story.

After taking great pleasure in looking back on their excellent Gameweek 22 scores, the ScoutCast crew tuck into the key questions from the community ahead of the next set of matches.

Kane’s absence sees David, Joe, Az and Luke discuss the best forward options. Moving money into midfield is also considered as the crew look at Dele Alli’s Buzz Lightyear-esque ability to step up whenever his Spurs’ team-mate is absent.

Whether to ditch disappointing players from the ranks of Chelsea, Everton and West Ham is another issue tackled.

Meanwhile, there are some words of warning for those looking to deploy their second wildcard now rather than save it for the double and blank Gameweeks to come.

Elsewhere, Az’s round up of the community’s recent moves showcases a high flying manager with a licence to thrill in the overall rankings.

The crew finish off with a look at their transfer and captaincy plans as well as the best differentials and defences in Gameweek 23.

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The ScoutCast crew emerge from the congested festive fixtures a little out of sorts as they look ahead nervously to Gameweek 22 and beyond.

Poor captaincy and transfer decisions heralded a dramatic fall in Az and Luke’s overall rank over their torrid Christmas campaign.

David fared better with only a small red arrow over the period but is not happy with his squad as he prepares for January and February’s matches.

Joe was the only one to see a jump in his overall rank but fears a slump is just around the corner as he approaches the next set of games without a number of well-owned form players.

Among the community issues they tackle is which premium assets and formations will reap the greatest rewards in the coming Gameweeks.

Another topic covered is the potential of the budget enablers to emerge from this month's early transfer window activity.

Meanwhile, hidden gems from teams with great fixtures over the next two months also come under consideration.

Gameweek 22 is also looked at in detail as the crew reveal their top clean sheet and differential tips as well as their transfer and captaincy plans.

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Christmas fixture congestion dominates the final ScoutCast of 2018 as the crew look ahead to four sets of matches over two tightly packed weeks of Premier League action.

Joe, David and Az are joined by Andy to look in detail at how best to navigate inevitable rotation over Gameweeks 18 to 21 as they offer their top tips for yuletide Fantasy Football survival.

Community questions the crew tackle include whether Manchester United assets can be trusted for their kind upcoming set of games, following the sacking of Jose Mourinho this week.

Danny Ings' brace against Arsenal last time out is another issue considered, especially as his good form adds further weight to the case for going light up top and instead investing funds in midfield.

Elsewhere, Eden Hazard’s double digit Fantasy Premier League points haul against Brighton last weekend kickstarts a chat on the best premium options for the end of December and early January.

After taking stock of Gameweek 17’s events, including the community’s roughest and smoothest tales, the crew also look in detail at the next four Gameweeks. This includes their views on the best differentials and teams with the greatest chance of clean sheets over the period.

The crew also find time to reveal their Christmas transfer and captaincy plans. For Az, Joe and David this includes hoping their key striker Harry Kane recovers from a bout of man-flu.

Direct download: FFScoutcast_EP279_Congested.mp3
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Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.

Mohamed Salah certainly provided a timely reminder that he is already one of Fantasy Football all time greats on Saturday, with a hat-trick at the Vitality Stadium against Bournemouth.

But even that impressive display is seemingly not enough to convince all of the ScoutCast crew that the Liverpool attacker should be an essential part of their festive line ups.

Joining Joe, David and Luke in this week’s episode is Adam Hopcroft, who has featured on our Meet the Manager series and is among those still looking to ditch the Egyptian.

During a Salexit discussion in our community questions section Adam reveals that there may well be better premium priced assets who are more deserving of attention.

In contrast, Joe and David are still backing the Reds marksman following his recent goal glut, which also includes a midweek strike against Napoli in the Champions League. Meanwhile Luke is resolutely continuing his no-Salah policy, even though it cost him dear last time out.

Salah unsurprisingly dominates the crew’s look back at Gameweek 16, including a special instalment of Rough with the Smooth, dedicated to those who jettisoned the Liverpool man before his weekend heroics.

The crew also provide an update on the latest whipping boys and the potential captain candidates who look set to exploit their frailties over Christmas.

Elsewhere, our community questions section takes in the emerging battle between Fantasy Premier League’s old guard of veterans and the new, social-media and price prediction site savvy managers on the scene.

The crew round off with a look at the best differentials and clean sheet prospects in Gameweek 17, as well as reveal their transfer and captaincy plans.

Direct download: FFScoutcast_EP278_Greatness.mp3
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Two Gameweeks in the space of just a few days meant there were plenty of team sheet surprises for Fantasy managers this week.

Despite the likes of Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling and Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah missing out on a starting berth for one match, the ScoutCast crew just about survived Gameweeks 14 and 15.

Harry Kane was the hero for Az, Luke and Joe, who handed the Spurs man the armband for a 24-point haul against Southampton on Wednesday.

But it was a mixed set of fixtures for Andy. He captained Sterling for an 18-point return against Bournemouth but was left heartbroken when the winger failed to take to the pitch against Watford on Tuesday.

The crew take stock of this week's line-ups when weighing up their Gameweek 16 transfer and captaincy plans.

They also find time to consider an overhaul of their forward line ups, after it emerged that well-owned West Ham striker Marko Arnautovic is set for a spell on the sidelines through injury.

Bargain hunting among the ranks of Fulham, who have strong fixtures on the horizon, is also on the bill.

In addition, the crew ponder the lessons they’ve learned this season. A failure to invest more heavily in Manchester City’s potent attack  haunts Joe, who had his own survival mission this edition as he battled through a cold.

Direct download: FFScoutcast_EP277_Surviving.mp3
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With scores all in the thirties, Gameweek 13 was one to forget for the ScoutCast crew.

After forcing themselves to relive this dire set of points, Az, David, Luke and Joe dust themselves off and look ahead to better times.

Manchester City’s wealth of midfield options come under particular scrutiny during the community questions segment. A 44-points total from David Silva, Leroy Sane and Raheem Sterling against West Ham last weekend, makes this is a group of players that demand attention.

Tottenham’s emerging assets in the centre of the park have also caught the community’s collective eye.

Heung-Min Son, Dele Alli and Christian Eriksen all impressed in the North London side's victory over Chelsea at the weekend. However, the ScoutCast crew are more interested in their premium priced team mate Harry Kane to help them take advantage of Spurs' kind set of festive fixtures.

Elsewhere, David reveals some notable team frailties and the players who are set to exploit them over December. Gylfi Sigurdsson is looking such a strong option in this regard that Joe wishes there could be two of the Everton set-piece specialist to draft into his squad.

Differentials, clean sheets, captaincy and transfer plans are also discussed. With the festive fixture list stepping up a gear, this covers both Gameweeks 14 and 15 as both take place during a frantic six-day block of Premier League matches starting this Friday.

Direct download: FFScoutcast_EP276_Thirties.mp3
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Points ceilings and floors dominate proceedings on our latest ScoutCast as Joe, Az, Luke and Neale look over the key issues facing managers ahead of Gameweek 13.

A chief concern is who replaces red-flagged Benjamin Mendy who underwent surgery last week. The enticing secure floor of clean sheet returns offered by the full-back’s Manchester City team mates, John Stones and Aymeric Laporte, appeals to Luke.

Meanwhile, Joe prefers the higher ceiling of riches offered by the likes of Everton left-back Lucas Digne, who has been posting some impressive underlying statistics lately to suggest attacking returns are on the way.

Our community questions section also covers the wider value offered by Toffees assets across the pitch, and whether 12.4m priced Harry Kane is worth the outlay when Spurs fixtures improve.

Whether Anthony Martial’s six goals in his last five matches is a sign the Manchester United attacker is 'in form', or merely 'over-performing', is another issue discussed.

We also find time to look back at the previous set of matches and ahead in detail to Gameweek 13, including the best differentials, strongest clean sheet prospects and our transfer plans.

Captaincy options are also considered, with the maverick selections of Az, Luke and Neale leaving dullard Joe stunned.

Direct download: FFScoutcast_EP275_Floored.mp3
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The latest international break gives us the opportunity to take stock of the key underlying statistics being posted by teams and players over the first 12 Gameweeks of the season.

In this extra to our usual ScoutCast format, David and Joe sift through a raft of statistics to uncover who have been the most attacking players in terms of both goal threat and creativity.

They also find out who has been over and under performing and delve deep into the team statistics.  Most threatening sides, best defences and those vying for whipping boy status are among issues looked at.

Meanwhile, our ScoutCast duo find out which defenders are set to produce points at both ends of the pitch and they also name the best bonus magnets to consider.

Key talisman, who are integral to their side’s chances of scoring, are another group of players looked at.

Joe and David also reveal how this autumnal stat-attack has affected their future transfer plans.

Direct download: FFScoutcast_Extra_Big_Numbers.mp3
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Medium term planning takes centre stage in our latest ScoutCast as Joe, David, Luke and Az look ahead to a major swing in the fixtures next month.

With the season ticker turning in favour of the likes of Tottenham and Arsenal, and away from Liverpool, the ScoutCast crew are already hatching plans to get one step ahead of the template.

Our community questions section considers which heavy hitters to ditch and which to bring in over the coming weeks. This includes a discussion on whether Manchester City's Raheem Sterling has become essential following his 21 point Fantasy Premier League haul against Southampton at the weekend.

The season ticker comes under further scrutiny as we tackle the community’s questions about West Ham. With only one bad fixture from now until mid January it is no wonder the Hammers are attracting interest.

Our review of Gameweek 11 sees Luke’s maverick tendencies prevail, while Az, David and Joe continue to tread water with an unremarkable set of scores.

A manager who featured prominently on the wrong side of our regular ‘rough with the smooth’ round up last month is back again, this time with a sensationally smooth points haul.

Elsewhere, Gameweek 12’s top differential and clean sheet predictions section features a cheeky chat about two Spurs midfielders.

The crew then finish off this packed one hour and 20 minute show by revealing their transfer and captaincy plans this weekend, with Liverpool’s enticing home clash with Fulham firmly on their minds.

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After gaining an unwelcome set of red arrows in Gameweek 10 the ScoutCast crew are in need of a lift.

The perfect man for the job could well be Watford’s bargain basement priced striker, the aptly named Isaac Success Ajayi.

Joe, David and Az discuss the merits of bringing in the Nigerian, who could enable a formation shake up with a greater focus in defence and midfield.

Among the midfield success stories recently has been Ross Barkley, who has averaged 13 Fantasy Premier League points a match over his last three run outs. His potential to liven up a Fantasy squad in the doldrums is also discussed, as the crew answer the community’s questions.

The rotation threat facing such potentially potent Fantasy forces as Barkley is considered in further detail, as is whether stronger benches may be needed to cope with unexpected no-shows from well owned stars.

Bournemouth’s chances of ensuring their stellar form can trump a tricky fixture run also get an airing, as does the best differential picks and clean sheet prospects for Gameweek 11. This also features the selections of Luke, who due to internet issues was sadly unable to attend this week’s show. He’ll be back next week though to see how his picks performed.

Direct download: FFScoutcast_EP273_Success.mp3
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With fresh rotation risks and plummeting form to deal with the ScoutCast crew’s Fantasy Premier League teams are in danger of becoming out of date.

In this week’s episode Joe, David and Az are joined by new regular Luke, who has stepped in for Andy, to cast their collective eye over the current Fantasy Football trends.

Joe is in search of the latest backline look as he seeks to dump his decidedly unfashionable defence.

Az’s midfield is looking more like mutton dressed as lamb these days and is in urgent need of a make-over.

Meanwhile, grey is the new black for David as he reveals his extra special overall rank following the last set of games.

Elsewhere, Luke’s success in Gameweek 9 shows he is ahead of the curve on the transfer catwalk, in particular with his Red or Dead defence.

Amid all the sartorial chat the crew find time to answer the key questions from the community as they window shop for bargain enablers and admire the top price options at Manchester City.

Az’s rough with the smooth run down features a disastrous set of hits for one former ScoutCaster.

The show is then rounded off with a close look at Gameweek 10, including the best differentials, clean sheet prospects and our transfer and captaincy plans.

Direct download: FFScoutcast_EP272_Fashion.mp3
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Battling through traffic, illness and technical glitches, the Scoutcast crew emerge triumphant to discuss the key issues affecting Fantasy Football managers in Gameweek 9 and beyond.

After being stuck in motorway congestion a cold-ridden Az dropped by to join Joe, David and Andy just in time to answer the community’s questions about why none of us own assets from Arsenal. This is particularly head-scratching given the Gunners have scored more goals than any other side over the last four Gameweeks.

We also shake our heads in disbelief at why so many Fantasy managers are ignoring Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling, who is proving to be well worth his premium price tag this term.

Liverpool’s injury list, and patchy form of some of their top players, ahead of a fine run of games also comes under scrutiny.

Elsewhere, David invents ‘the courteous brag’ as he details how he was the only member of the crew not to be bewitched by Tottenham's misfiring striker Harry Kane in Gameweek 8.

Gameweek 9 differentials and clean sheet prospects also get an airing and we finish off with Andy revealing his latest audacious transfer plan.

Direct download: FFScoutcast_EP271_Traffic.mp3
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The ScoutCast crew take up dancing this week in a desperate bid to figure out which of the many strong performing heavy-hitters they can squeeze into their teams.

Joe and Andy are looking to adapt the hokey-cokey, with the likes of Mohamed Salah and Sergio Aguero dropping out, then back into, their teams to briefly accommodate Harry Kane.

Az has gone one step further from merely putting the Spurs striker in and Liverpool winger out and has decided to wiggle his whole team about with a Wildcard.

Meanwhile, David is less ambitious on the dancefloor and is looking to instead dad-dance to a low-key goalkeeper cha-cha-cha.

Each of these moves, including a close look at Az’s wildcard, are detailed via the community’s questions as we tackle this week’s key talking point, player and teams.

The crew also find time to quick-step through the community’s roughest and smoothest recent transfers and foxtrot across Gameweek 8’s best differentials and likeliest clean sheets.

Direct download: FFScoutcast_EP270_Dancing.mp3
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Investing heavily in Chelsea and Liverpool has proved a successful strategy for many this season.

But with these two title contenders going head to head in Gameweek 7 is this ‘eggs in one basket’ tactic about to come unstuck?

Joe, David, Andy and Az discuss the best strategy to dealing with these tricky ties when so many highly owned players are squaring up against each other.

They also consider the merits of bringing in the likes of Everton talisman Richarlison and Arsenal’s newly sure-starting striker Alexandre Lacazette, as they answer the community’s questions.

Tapping into Spurs fine fixture run, and in particular the improving form of Harry Kane, is also on the bill. But will Andy’s ambitious plan to swoop for the Tottenham forward leave him with egg on his face?

Elsewhere, the ScoutCast crew consider Gameweek 7’s likeliest clean sheets and best low owned gems, reveal their plans for the next set of matches and laugh and cry at some of the community’s roughest and smoothest recent transfers.

Direct download: FFScoutcast_EP269.mp3
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Eden Hazard’s 20 point Fantasy Premier League haul in Gameweek 5 has left the ScoutCast team in shock.

For David and Joe the the Chelsea man’s fine early season form has seen them fire up their Wildcards as they look to rip up their teams to accommodate him.

Az is still without the Belgian, but is more than a little concerned he will miss out on another monster score.

While Andy has been left reeling from a fine score of his own, having already swooped for the winger prior to his hat-trick against Cardiff.

In this gimmick-free ScoutCast the team go back to basics as they ponder the ‘essential’ status of Hazard as well as the other key Fantasy Football issues of the week posed by the community.

This includes a look at the array of talent in the Wolves defence, the exceptional value offered by Bournemouth’s midfield sensation Ryan Fraser and pinpointing teams’ vulnerabilities.

Elsewhere, benching issues take centre stage in our rough with smooth round up and the team also find time to consider the best differentials and the likeliest clean sheets in Gameweek 6.

Direct download: FFScoutcast_EP268_Hazardous.mp3
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Do we make our own luck in Fantasy Football? Or are there unforeseen events that can conspire to ruin even the best managers’ season?

In this week’s ScoutCast Joe, David, Andy and Az discuss the role of fortune in the game and look to introduce a ‘luck league’.

This league is one of a number of new and revamped features we trialed in this episode.

This saw the return of old favourites including rough with the smooth and clean sheet predictions as well as a new version of Fantasy island risk that focuses purely on low-owned gems.

Our community section has undergone a late spring clean too, focusing on the week’s key teams, players and talking point to allow us to have more in-depth discussions.

But as with all trials, some things don’t quite go as planned.

The introduction of forfeits for the ScoutCaster with the lowest monthly score and an unexpectedly controversial quiz proved to be more works in progress, which will be put back on the shelf for the time being.

Among all the upheaval we also find time to ponder going without Mohamed Salah and frisk the fixtures to analyse the teams with the best upcoming run of games.

Direct download: FFScoutcast_EP267_Lucky.mp3
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Patience is proving a virtue for the ScoutCast’s latest guest, FPL General.

With top 500 finishes in all but one of his last four Fantasy Premier League seasons his track record of giving players time to perform has certainly paid off.

Undaunted by a poor start this season he is sticking resolutely to the game plan, with Christian Eriksen and Josh King already rewarding him with attacking returns during a week when many thousands of others were jettisoning them.

He joins Joe, Andy and David to mull over a tricky last set of matches and look ahead to Gameweek 4.

Replacements for Everton’s red card villain Richarlison kick off our community question session, which also takes in Chelsea stars, the seemingly unstoppable rise of premium defenders and Wildcard timing.

Direct download: FFScoutcast_EP266_Patience.mp3
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This week the ScoutCast crew are determined to bust the myth that they share identical strategies.

Long-term maverick Luke returns to reveal his freshly Wildcarded team which bravely went into Gameweek 2 without Manchester City’s hat-trick hero Sergio Aguero and last season's points scoring sensation Mohamed Salah.

In stark contrast, Az is continuing his march up the rankings thanks to his faith in this premium pair, and his resolve in resisting broadsheet tittle-tattle hinting that the Argentinian would be dropped.

David is also beating a different drum and keen to explain the reasons behind his chequered FPL history and how his fortunes already look better this time around.

That leaves Joe as the only dullard representative, armed with a bunch of ownership statistics, a goals imminent table and a dubious ‘camping’ excuse to explain his recent poor captaincy decision.

Their differing views across a range of key issues facing Fantasy Premier League manages ahead of Gameweek 3 are aired.

An assessment of Chelsea and Arsenal assets ahead of their favourable fixtures is top of the list. And they also ponder whether Spurs’ players can compete as assets this season and indulge in some bargain hunting up front. 

Direct download: FFScoutcast_EP265_Difference.mp3
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Buoyed by some impressive scores from the opening day, the ScoutCast crew are in optimistic mood as they tackle the key issues facing Fantasy managers ahead of Gameweek 2.

Joe is joined by Andy, Az and new face Neale (aka Skonto Rigga) to separate the wheat from the chaff in the Fantasy Premier League’s transfer market.

They ponder whether reports of the demise of forwards have been greatly exaggerated and list the under-performing players from Gameweek 1 who may well punish their sellers.

Our rough with the smooth round-up features a tale of two benches.

While later in the show I come under attack from my colleagues, and even a moth, as we search for this season’s budget midfield gem.

We end by revealing our Captain choices when Neale unleashes one of the most surprising armband selections the Scoutcast has ever seen. It caps an impressive debut to remember for both him and the moth.

Direct download: FFScoutcast_EP264_Mothballed.mp3
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The start of the new season is just days away and the Scoutcast crew are still full of doubts about their 15-man Fantasy Premier League squads.

Andy, Az, David and Mark join Joe to mull over likely strategies for the start of the 2018/19 campaign as well as reveal their current line-ups.

Across our 82-minute chat, a consensus emerges on backing Manchester City and Liverpool premium assets. But that could all change depending on transfer deadline day deals.

Meanwhile, Wolverhampton, Crystal Palace and Bournemouth look set to supply our teams with a supporting cast of bargain enablers due to favourable fixtures. Well, for now at least.

But the groupthink soon breaks down when we discuss forward options, with Mark looking exclusively for value up top, while the rest of us are more keen to splash our cash.

The hive-mind soon returns at the end as we reveal our top choice for the Gameweek 1 armband, so to help those daring to shun a certain Egyptian we also offer up a host of alternative captaincy options.

Direct download: FFScoutcast_EP263_Beginnings.mp3
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Launch day is here and ScoutCast duo Joe and David have gone over the Fantasy Premier League player prices to gauge their initial thoughts on the game for 2018/19.

We couldn't really stop ourselves from asking the question: 'Should we have Mohamed Salah in our teams when he costs £13.0m?' You'll have to listen in to find out what we thought.

The changes in positional classification have altered our strategies for the season a little bit and we discuss that in detail in this episode.

Elsewhere we've had a look at which assets we think are over-priced and which we think are potential bargains ready and waiting.

Finally we've both made the gutsy call of declaring which three premium players will be in our squads in Gameweek 1.

Direct download: ScoutCast_FPLLaunch_Reaction.mp3
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The latest ScoutCast brings the curtain down on another Fantasy season as we take the opportunity to navel-gaze and conduct a full retrospective.

New signing David makes his debut, while Granville is a late arrival to join myself, Jonty, Andy and Az to form a six-strong crew.

We start by appraising Gameweek 38 to report back on a dramatic final day at the top of the Fantasy Premier League. Then we take the lead from your final round of community questions.

Our best and worst decisions, our most disappointing and inspiring signings and early targets for next season are all revealed. We even consider the lessons learned to offer advice on cracking the top ranks – for what it’s worth.

Then, after another season of ScoutCasts, we pick out our personal on-air highlights.

We thank you in advance for sticking through this, our longest ever episode, and for listening in over the last nine months.

Next season we edge towards 300 and finally reach the Last of the Summer Wine target. Granville has the bathtub at the ready.


Direct download: FFScoutCast_EP262_Retrospective.mp3
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The ScoutCast crew are desperate to lift themselves after falling victim to one of the most underwhelming Double Gameweeks in memory, though with five matches still to come, there remains a tinge of optimism.

Granville, Jonty, Andy and Az join me for a full strength line-up as we begin the post-mortem on Triple Captain failure and unrewarded points hits.

The five of us collectively kick ourselves for ignoring Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, as the foresight of one leading Fantasy Premier League manager sparks debate on how and why the masses overlooked the Gunners’ striker.

Mohamad Salah’s untimely slump is also assessed as we’re guided by your community questions, before we look ahead to Gameweek 38 via our handpicked selection of differentials designed to lift our spirits come Sunday.

And, while we’re in a reflective mood, we also take time out to consider our early lessons learned from the campaign, with much more to follow in next week’s final episode of the season.

Direct download: FFScoutCast_EP261_downbeat.mp3
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The ScoutCast crew are joined by the current Fantasy Premier League pacesetter in this latest episode, as world number one Bharat Dhody drops by.

With ice flowing through his veins, Bharat risks the curse that has seen us dent the title tilt for previous top-ranked managers to join myself, Jonty, Andy and Az for a ScoutCast season highlight.

Inevitably, the four of us are a little star-struck, but in between our desperate attempts to convince Bharat to keep his cards close to his chest, we put his season and current mindset under scrutiny.

Elsewhere, your community questions lead us by the hand as we assess Harry Kane’s updated application for the Triple Captain role, review the merits of a Mohamed Salah exit plan and scratch around for Double Gameweek differentials.

Direct download: FFScoutCast_EP260_Pacesetter.mp3
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Just as we witnessed in Gameweek 31, the Free Hit chip does its thing, granting the ScoutCast crew and many in the Fantasy Football Scout community the smoothest of landings as we begin preparations for another Double Gameweek take-off.

Jonty, Andy and Az join me for the Gameweek 35 post-mortem, as, driven by your questions, we ponder whether this season’s debut chip has rendered the blanks as the best opportunity for a rank hike.

However, this is no time to rest on our laurels, with another double-header looming. That fuels discussion on Manchester City, Spurs and even Swansea City’s players; assets at opposite ends of the Fantasy spectrum, united by the potential of two fixtures in Gameweek 37.

To invest in those spoils, we need to make sacrifices, so we assess the midfield makeweights and ponder if Marcos Alonso can finally shake Jonty’s curse, or whether we should all cash in on the Blues banned wing-back.

Direct download: FFSCcoutCast_EP259_Smooth.mp3
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Arriving in the midst of a lukewarm Double Gameweek, the latest episode of the ScoutCast is more intent on looking ahead as the entire five-man crew press the button on the Free Hit chip. We’re back to full strength, as Granville, Jonty, Andy and Az join me to discuss our approach to Gameweek 35's slimline schedule, inspired by another round of your community questions. That attacking riches on offer from Manchester City and Liverpool dominate the early chatter, as we give our take on the run-in targets least likely to suffer from rotation to feature for Free Hitters and the “chipless” this weekend. We then pan for Gameweek 35 gold in less familiar territory, as we re-open the Coleman vs Baines debate ahead of their meeting with a Newcastle outfit perhaps already in flip-flops after four straight wins. End of season template busters help round things off before we career into the regular weekend preview to offer early thoughts on the Gameweek armband.
Direct download: FFScoutCast_EP258_Freebie.mp3
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The ScoutCast crew are always quick to jump on the shoulders of giants, so when a veteran of the Fantasy Football Scout community starts to threaten a Fantasy Premier League title tilt, we just have to get them on the show.

Matt Kearney aka “Bowstring the Cap” has been about on our pages for seven seasons but never has he experienced one like this. Currently ranked twenty-third in the world, he drops by in this latest episode to give his take on his campaign and, in particular, the strategy for the run-in.

In truth, Matt was better placed before Gameweek 33 and, along with Jonty, Andy and Az, he joins me to look back at the lowest scoring weekend of the campaign when even the leading managers faltered.

But those gripes are soon drowned by a wave of enthusiasm on the eve of Double Gameweek 34.

That’s the focus for your latest set of community questions, sparking our thoughts on the optimum heavy-hitters, the rotation fears and our confidence in Chelsea to produce over the extra fixtures.

Direct download: FFScoutCast_EP257_Carping.mp3
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Recorded prior to Mohamed Salah’s injury scare, the ScoutCast crew already had one curveball to contend with in this latest episode as we mulled over Harry Kane solutions.

Fit-again and primed to skittle the Stoke City defence, Granville, Jonty, Andy and Az join me to discuss how we go about making plans for Harry ahead of two tempting Double Gameweeks.

Elsewhere in this episode, your community questions steer us to consider the optimum front three, assess Chelsea’s indifferent form and weigh up the fixtures versus form conundrum that is Marko Arnautovic.

The regular weekend preview is followed by an extraordinary bout of mind games from Jonty who appears to have tap into the dark arts to prophesise Salah’s injury two days early. That would explain his rank this season; there’s been voodoo at work.

Direct download: FFScoutCast_EP256_Voodoo.mp3
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Wildcards are very much active among the ScoutCast crew, and while only three of us make this latest episode, all five are in play ahead of the Double Gameweeks.

Not surprisingly, our rebuilding programme dominates the discussion as Jonty and Andy join me to reveal our current squads and our chosen strategy leading into the remaining seven Gameweeks.

In an exhaustive and in-depth episode, the three of us also look back on the success of the Free Hit in Gameweek 31. Then we attempt to offer a balanced view on the variety of chip tactics from this point on, with a team-by-team analysis of the player targets to consider.

We fail miserably of course, with our own bias no doubt shining through, though the conclusion is an uplifting one: whatever your chosen route with the chips to Gameweek 38, we will all win out in the end.

Unless you don’t have your Wildcard and Free Hit, in which case you hate us all, and you’re now consigned to spending the next two months behind that sofa.

Direct download: FFScoutCastEP255_Wilder.mp3
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Gameweek 31 might be diminished but, despite the curtailed fixture list, we’re giving it the full-fat ScoutCast treatment.

In fact, guided by your community questions, Jonty, Az, Andy and Granville join me as we dissect each of the four matches that make up Saturday’s offering – analysing the player targets from each as we seek to cater for the Free Hit managers and the chipless alike.

Looking further ahead, we also indulge in some wistful Wildcard discussions as we offer views on when to activate the refresh ahead of the looming double Gameweeks.

Direct download: FFScoutCast_EP254_Diminished.mp3
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Rivalries are up and running in the ScoutCast as my old adversary Granville moves 16 points ahead, while Az closes the gap in his chase of Jonty.

Inevitably, Gameweek 31 will likely have a say in these contests, with opinions on that reduced set of fixtures divided in this week’s episode.

Against the backdrop of Ragabolly’s brilliant and extensive research, we investigate the real cost of Gameweek 31 hits and the benefit on offer for Free Hit managers.

Elsewhere it’s the Fantasy Premier League rules that get a grilling thanks to your community questions. We wonder whether the Norwegians have stolen a march with their Fantasy Eliteserien inventions as we assess the merits of the current chips.

Then the controversial bonus decisions of Gameweek 29 spark another appraisal of the Bonus Points System, as Granville takes his turn to be nostalgic as he pines for the mysterious “man in the stand” of yesteryear.

Direct download: FFScoutCast_EP253_Rivals.mp3
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