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More than a decade ago Fantasy Football Scout launched its first first podcast – the legendary ScoutCast. Since then it has expanded to include an even wider range of expert opinion, stats and laughs to help you sniff out the likeliest clean sheets and best buys. Fantasy Football Scout’s podcast family has grown further in recent years to include captaincy and team news editions each Gameweek. Meanwhile, our regular Breakfast Club episodes add further analysis ahead of each deadline. There’s also our Meet the Manager series to check out – which sees us chat to Fantasy managers with a stellar track record of success.

The Scoutcast trio of Joe, Andy and Az are back for one more time this season to assess the highs, the lows and lessons they should probably learn.

This episode is dominated by the community’s questions on a raft of topics from deadlines to reclassifications.

With a chaotic final Gameweek deadline for many, they start off with tackling the difficulties around timing a deadline right in a global game, where not everyone is awake to make last minute moves. Its an issue which is further complicated in the 24-hour worldwide social media news culture that has emerged in recent years.

The proliferation of Fantasy Premier League manager numbers is also pondered. Is a high finish trickier than ever with so many engaged players enjoying the game.

Lessons learned features prominently. What pivotal moments in the season made them think differently about how they play the game. For Joe the importance of double Gameweeks being married up with chips is a particular issue that will influence him next season.

Players to target next season also takes up a large part of this mammoth hour and a half episode. This discussion takes in reclassification of players like Manchester United’s Anthony Martial, those that are certain of a price hike as well as the potential low priced gems to target.

The five-substitute rule and the potential for an early blank Gameweek, and possibly a double too, are other additions to their chat.

They also assess how their traditionally goal strewn Gameweek 38 went and finish the show with some powerful words from Shirtless about family and FPL.

The Scoutcast will return along with a host of other video and podcast content for the next campaign. For the next campaign Joe will be joined by Az as a regular co-host, with a different guest each week to help them make sense of each Gameweek’s inevitable twists and turns.

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