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More than a decade ago Fantasy Football Scout launched its first first podcast – the legendary ScoutCast. Since then it has expanded to include an even wider range of expert opinion, stats and laughs to help you sniff out the likeliest clean sheets and best buys. Fantasy Football Scout’s podcast family has grown further in recent years to include captaincy and team news editions each Gameweek. Meanwhile, our regular Breakfast Club episodes add further analysis ahead of each deadline. There’s also our Meet the Manager series to check out – which sees us chat to Fantasy managers with a stellar track record of success.

In this latest episode of our lockdown Scoutcast extra episodes we continue to look back on the current campaign and the lessons to be learned.

Here Joe, David and Andy consider this season’s pivotal moments, where success and failure hinged on the right transfer, chip and captaincy calls.

They remember their biggest blunders and reminisce on the few times they were able to brag. Each of these sliding door moments will no doubt resonate with the community.

To help them look back they take a deep dive look at Fantasy Premier League World Number One Chris McGowen’s best moves. To find out what success looks like it seems only right to focus on the best.

The community’s own brags and blunders are also detailed as we assess this season’s highs and lows.

There’s some Virtual FPL chat too at the end as our trio reveal their latest moves and strategies for Ragabolly’s innovative lockdown game, which has attracted more than 3,000 managers already. Has our very own Top Marx unlocked the secret to this game’s ingenious algorithm?

This latest episode also features a shout out to one of the show’s youngest listeners, who was born mere days ago.

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