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More than a decade ago Fantasy Football Scout launched its first first podcast – the legendary ScoutCast. Since then it has expanded to include an even wider range of expert opinion, stats and laughs to help you sniff out the likeliest clean sheets and best buys. Fantasy Football Scout’s podcast family has grown further in recent years to include captaincy and team news editions each Gameweek. Meanwhile, our regular Breakfast Club episodes add further analysis ahead of each deadline. There’s also our Meet the Manager series to check out – which sees us chat to Fantasy managers with a stellar track record of success.

Joe and David are joined by FPL community regular G Whizz to discuss their Gameweek 7 decisions.

They will also look ahead to Gameweek 8 and beyond, consider Manchester City's record at Goodison Park and the goals imminent table makes its  regular appearance.

The usual pre-deadline mindgames are also on the bill as as the podcast trio try to second guess City boss Pep Guardiola's teamsheet and inevitable rotation.


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Joe and Neale discuss the Gameweek 7 line up and injury news from this week's press conferences.

Manchester United's injuries mount up, Lampard talks about his young guns and Manchester City’s possible rotation is discussed.


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This rollercoaster of a season continues.

There were more highs and lows in Gameweek 6 and plenty more predicted in the weeks ahead.

Those that captained the non-playing Raheem Sterling and vice- captained the hauling Kevin De Bruyne last weekend certainly experienced the ups and downs of Fantasy management.

This week’s crew, of Joe, David and Az, wonder whether such decisions are down to luck or skill as they look in detail at this season’s evolving captaincy tactics.

The tale of three Fantasy managers, including our own deputy editor Neale and ScoutCaster Andy, take centre stage in the ScoutCast’s rough with the smooth round up. The highs and lows of playing the game could not be any starker for this trio, who saw their FPL teams hacked, removed then eventually replaced this week.

Elsewhere, patience is running thin with Everton’s Lucas Digne and the crew reveal their strategies for tackling Chelsea and Leicester’s forthcoming favourable fixture run.

A legend of FPL in recent years is Az’s latest differential pick. Considering his last selection was Norwich striker Teemu Pukki he has set the bar very high already.

Clean sheets over the next six Gameweeks, the West Ham defence, a few pots of jam and Az’s aunt, or is it uncle, also make an appearance.

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Joe and David discuss the best captaincy candidates for Gameweek 7.

Salah, Sterling, KDB and Aguero are among the main armband options under consideration.

But could Son or Abraham offer great differential alternatives?


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Joe and David are joined by Tom from the Who Got the Assist podcast to discuss their Gameweek 6 plans and reveal their strategies for the weeks ahead.

Wildcarding takes centre stage with Tom revealing his Wildcard line up, David unveiling his freshly Wildcarded team and Joe hoping his Gameweek 5 Wildcard eventually scores some points.

The concept of over-management is also looked at as the trio consider whether doing nothing can really be the best course of action.

Joe’s team

David’s team

Tom’s team


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Joe and Neale discuss the latest line up and injury news from Friday's press conferences.

This is the second of a two part look at the Gameweek 6 Team News.

In Part 1 Joe and Neale took a look at the impact of the midweek Champions League games and Thursday's Press Conferences.  


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Joe and Neale take a look at the impact of the midweek Champions League games and the fall out from Thursday's Press Conferences.

Look out for Part 2 tomorrow covering Friday's news.


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A bad Gameweek can leave Fantasy managers facing a tricky crossroads.

The direction they take in response to a disappointing score can prove pivotal to the rest of their season.

This is the key issue the ScoutCast crew of Joe, David and Karam address as they look to get over a below a average early season points tally and their rapidly falling rankings.

For David the path is simple – its Wildcard time. Although there are still plenty of places up for grabs as he explains how he intends to assemble his refreshed squad.

Karam is sticking to his plan of waiting until Gameweek 9’s fixture swings before taking such drastic action. He first highlighted this on a previous Breakfast Club appearance some weeks ago and hasn’t deviated from the strategy since.

Meanwhile, Joe looks back at his good and bad campaigns over the years to reveal that “doing nothing” may be the dullard response, but is often the most effective.

This latest ScoutCast episode also takes in defender plans, the fall out from Manchester City’s recent loss to Norwich and how to deal with a possible injury to Mason Mount that was picked up on Champions League duty. 

The usual features, from clean sheets, to the rough with the smooth are also included.

In addition, there is time for Karam to recommend a top differential for the coming weeks.



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Joe and David look at the key captaincy candidates for Gameweek 6.

Man City assets come under scrutiny, as does Arsenal's talismanic striker.


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Joe and David are joined by former FPL champion Simon March to discuss their plans for Gameweek 5 and beyond.

There's live reaction to the lunchtime team sheets.

Plus Joe reveals his finalised wildcard...but will he be persuaded to make changes live on the show?

Meanwhile, David has some magic beans to show the Breakfast Club crew.


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Joe is joined by Neale to discuss the latest line up and injury news ahead of Gameweek 5.

We cover all the latest news, although worth noting that just after recording Arsenal offered a further update on Lacazette's injury situation.


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Joe is joined by Sky Sports Fantasy Football expert and Scoutcast regular Luke to offer some key advice on how best to use the September overhaul.

Luke reveals his team and also talks through the other players he is considering.

Single match days, captains, fixture trends and more.

This is essential listening for those playing Sky Sports Fantasy Football.


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After around a decade of shows the ScoutCast has reached the momentous 300 episode mark.

From its origins, when Mark and Granville used to find time to podcast during their lunch break at work, to the live stream video version of today, the ScoutCast has long been a staple part of Fantasy manager’s lives.

But while the cast and technology has changed the issues remain the same.

One of these recurring themes has been the arguments that greet any cast member’s decision to Wildcard. This week’s show, ahead of Gameweek 5, is no different.

Knowing full well what may happen Joe tentatively presents his new team  to co-hosts Az and Neale. In ScoutCast tradition he then has defend his decisions, like one of the 300 Spartans who famously took on an army more than 2,000 years ago.

Elsewhere, the crew take a look back at some of the many mistakes and small successes of Gameweek 4 and how they plan to turn their fortunes around this coming weekend.

Kevin De Bruyne’s captaincy credentials, the best clean sheet prospects and Arsenal’s fixtures are among issues on the bill.

The crew also reveal what factors they use when making decisions, which covers everything from the growth of expected stats to the eye, and ear, test.

Meanwhile, Neale’s differential shout for September and October ensures the arguments continue.

This episode wraps up with a tribute to an unlikely ScoutCast star over the years and details of how to help the charity that originally looked after him.

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Last season’s finish of 1,224 was Josh Landon’s third within the top 5,000 during his nine year Fantasy Premier League.

But the Always Cheating podcast co-host’s campaigns haven’t always looked so easy. 

In Joe’s latest Meet the Manager interview he finds out Josh’s strategies for success and how he has learned from his mistakes.

The demons of what he calls “that Yaya Toure and Aaron Ramsey season” loom large in his thinking years on. This has helped him snap up emerging bandwagons quickly, and especially before they become the template. 

Other ghosts from the past such as Watford striker Odion Ighalo are also revealed during Josh and Joe’s chat about how psychology affects Fantasy managers’ decisions. 

As listeners to Josh’s podcast will know, the eye-test is crucial to his decision making. After all, the best manager to trust is often ourselves, as Josh describes how he navigates his way through the noise of FPL content, most notably on social media.

Latest football trends, which defenders to select and the ability to spot when a Fantasy game is “throwing a bone” are also explored in detail during this latest episode of a series that began last season to focus on the thoughts of managers with a stellar track record of success.

Josh's FPL team can be found here.

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Joe and Neale discuss the best captain candidates for Gameweek 5.

Man City and Liverpool assets once again battle it out for their attention.

But are the podcast pair overlooking some great differential options?


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The meet the manager series, where Joe interviews a Fantasy manager with a more than enviable track record, is back.

This campaign’s series of interviews starts with a chat with Tarek Balbaa, who explains why being based in Egypt has helped ensure he puts the eye test to good use in his Fantasy decisions.

Over his illustrious Fantasy Premier League career Tarek has eight top 10,000 finishes, including two in the top 1,000.

With all Premier League matches broadcast in Egypt he is able to watch four to five televised games a week.

This has ensured he was quick to acquire Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne this season and is still reticent to invest heavily in Manchester United.

Underlying statistics are still important to Tarek, but he likes to go back to basics with such research, preferring shots in the box statistics than the phenomena of expected statistics.

Tarek also talks about his poor seasons and the lessons he’s learned from mistakes made. Chief of these for him has been to focus too heavily on what mini-league rivals are up to.

Tarek's team can be found here.

Tarek - Twitter

Joe - Twitter

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